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Century Container - Excellence - Innovation - Service
Century Container - Excellence - Innovation - Service

Seat-Tray Lids

Century Container Corporation - Seat-Tray lids
Fun for everyone and sturdy enough for everyday use.

Snap it on-it's a seat! - Flip it over it's a tray!
A whole new concept in lids

Our exclusive patented design, the Seat-Tray® lid snaps on to any standard utility pail and turns it into a lightweight, handy seat. Flip the lid over, and the pail becomes a tray table. And unlike industrial lids, it's easy to use, and actually comfortable to sit on! Perfect for picnics, camping, tailgate parties, kid's toys, pet foods, beach gear – anywhere you need quick, portable seating and storage. Like our pails, the Seat-Tray® is printable and comes in all stock and custom colors.

Century Container Seat Tray Choose from the original Seat-Tray lid, or the new, taller Top Hat design!
Century Container - Original Seat Tray lid
Century Container - Top Hat Seat Tray lid